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Matt Zimmerman [2005-11-25 14:21 -0800]:
> > Nov 24 06:12:28 <infinity>	reducing-duplication: ongoing effort, as always, this last week saw good progress on kicking out multiple versions of libdb
> While we will most likely continue to do work in this area on a regular
> basis, please measure completion against the items listed in the spec so
> that we know where we stand.

I updated the wiki page at Friday. Ian already sent a proposal about
the changes in the firefox package, so that we can get rid of mozilla
as soon as possible to minimize the risk of dragging it into dapper

> > Nov 24 06:36:26 <pitti>	automated-problem-reports: BLOCK: approval from Keybuk, would appreciate opinions from other people, too (elmo, Kamion, mdz) since this is very intrusive
> Low priority; if it's intrusive and/or a lot of work, it will be deferred.
> I explicitly left it off of DapperGoals.

I'm aware of that, but the spec itself should be approved at least; if
it is, then we can hand it off to some community members maybe.


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