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On 11/28/05, Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen at> wrote:
> * Matt Zimmerman
> | > Nov 24 06:22:01 <Mithrandir> network-authentication: Lots of
> | > interest around the spec, no work done on it so far.
> |
> | How much of this is reasonably achievable for Dapper in your estimation?
> I think having the client part is achievable.  Having an «AD killer»
> (as in server part) is not something we will be able to get done, at
> least not without committing serious resources to it.  If I'm allowed
> to work on only that, possibly.

Well, the server part is one of the critical features that are needed for
Ubuntu to be acceptable for small businesses (think Windows SMB edition). Is
there anything that a volunteer with little time can do to help it be

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