Tristan Wibberley maihem at
Sat Nov 26 16:53:23 CST 2005

Tristan Wibberley wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm soliciting opinions on the DesktopVolumeManagement page:
> In particular, I've made it clearer that there are two strategies
> presented, one more practical, one more "plush". I would particularly
> love to see the "practical" strategy described in "Use Cases" and
> "Scope" in Dapper as I think making it easier to manage storage media is
> particularly important for business. I will put some more effort into
> describing that strategy, but I'd like to see if anybody has any
> particular questions or comments on that before I bother.

I've made some more improvement to describing the simpler changes that
can be done which really I hope are suitable for Dapper, because I think
they are important for usability, especially for business where data
management is more important.

If there is anybody else interested in this from ubuntu-devel please let
me know. I know there has been somebody just today on ubuntu-user asking
about UDF support and I'd like to get some discussion, especially from
maintainers of packages that involve drives, filesystems, and media.
Hopefully I can get a really good spec that is worthy of being targetted
at Dapper (for the simpler stuff).

I've split up the discussion between John Nilsson and I to focus each of
the ideas into their own respective outstanding issues. Apologies if I
have moved comments out of context, please add the context back in if
you think I have done.

Should discussion really take place on the wiki page, or on the list, or
perhaps on a separate wiki page? It seems to make a mess as soon as
there have been just a couple of responses back and forth.

Tristan Wibberley

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