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Mon Nov 14 14:58:41 CST 2005

Dear all,

Please excuse the apparent off-topic, but I believe this is useful.

I'd ask everyone to be careful about deleting pages on the Ubuntu wiki:
deleting (or renaming) pages breaks links within the wiki itself (unlike
our previous zwiki software). This is normally ok for -devel purposes
(as you guys know what pages you need and which you don't), but
occasionally it can lead to strife: an example was today when the page
ItalianRedirect was deleted. This page is redirected to by approximately
100 other pages, and is therefore quite important. Fortunately I saw it
and restored it quite quickly, but these sorts of problems are easy to

I'd ask everyone to do the following quick checks before deleting or
renaming wiki pages:

* Do I really want to delete the page?
* Is the page the one I intend to delete?
* Are there any links on the wiki I need to fix before deleting the
page? (you can obtain a full search on the page name by clicking its

Hopefully these quick checks won't be a burden on people and will avoid
any issues!

thanks for reading,


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