Trent Lloyd lathiat at
Mon Nov 14 09:03:50 CST 2005

not sure who to send this too, so...

> If an item is primarily launched by a specific MIME type and works with
> one file at a time, it can be hidden

should not be the case where it can create files, and obvius types of
main files e.g. movie player, music player shoudl nto be like this so i
is easy for users to find these applications. 

> Applications Menu Editor
> - replace with Alt+dragging and D&D from gnome-app-install? - move to
>   "System" > "Preferences"? - Known issue - already has a "Menus &
>   Toolbars" item!

eww, and has anyone written this code for g-a-i? we have alactarte (was
smeg) which works quite well and has a right click option, should
consider moving that somewhere else.

> Archive Manager 
> - hide, as it's available as right click in Nautilus. Inexperienced
>   computer users may find right click less "discoverable". - [WWW] Add
>   "Make Compressed File..." to Nautilus's File menu

I think you can do that (make compressed file) in nautilus alread, its
not particularly obvious tho

while people may think these things are great, it confuses a lot of
people with no idea of these concepts, if we are going to do things like
this we *rally* need some kind of simple documentation with "How to burn
a cd", "How to create an archive", etc and shoudl be installed by
defualt and easily discoverable.

> New login nested window 
> - remove entirely

thats a bit short sighted, then if you want a new login you need to
start the screensaver, thats b0rked :) consider the fast-user-switch

> XSane Image scanning program 
> - Scanners now accessible via GIMP, so hide. 

There was an earlier discussion on this, that is totally far too hard to
find, if I want to scan something I don't think to use the gimp, i think
a scan option is nice, its certainly what my mum would use.

> Totem 
> - hide, as it is best accessed by launching a file

Thats silly, lots of people are used to starting applications, I see
people do it all the time, and while it may make sense to make some
things work like this, i think a major application like video plaback
should have a menu item IMHO.

a good example if i had a playlist, i can't get it back, opening a file
trashes that.

> File Management - remove (redundant with "Edit" > "Preferences" in
> Nautilus)

All preferences items to do with the desktop (and nautilus is part of the
'desktop") should be available in the same spot, not spread
around the apps like that IMHO


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