Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 9 15:40:10 CST 2005

Matt Galvin wrote:
> Instant Servers is still an unofficial idea taking form and at this
> present time we have not made the assumption that we could directly
> associate ourselves with Ubuntu itself. 

This is what specifications are for. Until approved, they're essentially
unofficial RFCs on Ubuntu development. Since you're aiming at inclusion
into Ubuntu, I don't see how instant servers are different than most any
other spec discussed at UBZ, hence my original message.

I'm not trying to nitpick: there is a broader question on Launchpad use
here. There are many UBZ specs that are much more complicated and
broader in scope than instant servers, but they're still filed as specs
under 'ubuntu', don't have separate development teams, and so on.

Some type of guideline should exist to prevent this type of confusion in
the future. I understand you guys are eager, but it looks like you went
on a "let's use every Launchpad feature we can" rampage without thinking
it through. For example, what good is a Launchpad meeting if you're not
binding specs to it?

In his closing remarks at UBZ, Mark mentioned that specs will be
considered for a few weeks following UBZ. I recommend you guys sit down,
write a complete spec (there is a template available, and you can look
at the approved UBZ specs for reference), file it against 'ubuntu', set
it to 'pending review', and take it from there.

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