Matt Galvin matt.t.galvin at
Wed Nov 9 15:05:28 CST 2005

On 11/9/05, Ivan Krstic <krstic at> wrote:
> Did you consult with any of the Launchpad folks before setting this up?
> From what I can tell, ubuntu instant server should be nothing more than
> a specification filed against the 'ubuntu' product, not a product unto
> itself.

Instant Servers is still an unofficial idea taking form and at this
present time we have not made the assumption that we could directly
associate ourselves with Ubuntu itself. If we succeed in proving our
worth and get approved as a more "official" project then at that time
we can consider more directly associating ourselves with Ubuntu as a
product of Ubuntu. Additionally, there has been mention of an official
announcement of the "Ubuntu Server" project which should be presented
in the near future. Please see the previous threads for more on this.
Depending on the direction the Ubuntu Server guys take (the core devs)
we may, if anything, associate ourselves with them as a product of
their efforts. We will, after all, be basing our work on ubuntu-server
and are patiently waiting for them to make their announcements while
still making progress on our own in a timely manner. If all goes well
we hope to merge our efforts with the server teams efforts when
everything is ready. This is just a provisional solution until that

Thanks for showing interest and taking the time to respond.


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