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Wed Nov 9 20:36:06 CST 2005

Hi Ivan,

On 11/9/05, Ivan Krstic <krstic at> wrote:
> I'm not trying to nitpick:

I understand, I am glad to get questions and criticisms. That is
exactly how we can improve ourselves.

> there is a broader question on Launchpad use
> here. There are many UBZ specs that are much more complicated and
> broader in scope than instant servers, but they're still filed as specs
> under 'ubuntu', don't have separate development teams, and so on.

Sure, but from what I have seen, I have not seen/read all of them,
these are mostly specs created by the core developers and the MOTU's.
We are neither of them so I didn't want to seem to pushy or make any
assumptions about what we could do, leading to your next point...

> Some type of guideline should exist to prevent this type of confusion in
> the future.


> I understand you guys are eager, but it looks like you went
> on a "let's use every Launchpad feature we can" rampage without thinking
> it through.

We just started to try using launchpad for what it appears to be meant
for. Since it is still so new, I am sure we will all learn how to use
it more effectively during the coming release cycle and beyond.

> For example, what good is a Launchpad meeting if you're not
> binding specs to it?

We will be creating these specs tomorrow. Please feel free to join us
if you can. Any suggestions, etc..., are more than welcome! :)

> In his closing remarks at UBZ, Mark mentioned that specs will be
> considered for a few weeks following UBZ. I recommend you guys sit down,
> write a complete spec (there is a template available, and you can look
> at the approved UBZ specs for reference), file it against 'ubuntu', set
> it to 'pending review', and take it from there.

I wish I could have been there. Tomorrows meeting will be largely
about exactly this. Coming up with a more detailed spec. Hopefully a
good turnout will allow us to come up with a great spec and use even
more of Laucnhpad's functionality.



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