Paul M Edwards pauledwards at
Wed Nov 9 04:00:56 CST 2005

Define "slow connection" with solid numeric metrics.

Give info on your networking hardware; could be a device driver issue.


On 11/9/05, Rick Rocker <debian_noob at> wrote:
> Dear devs of Ubuntu,
> I live in a industry state(Germany) and I use one of the
> most known ISPs. I am a average-Joe-user and all
> my friends are also average-Joe-users.
> This I write to give "my" problem a broader context: IPv6
> in the standard installation activated.
> I have no IPv6 hardware, my friends have no IPv6 hardware,
> and as I know the ISPs of Germany have also not IPv6 "activated".
> Can you please deactivate IPv6 from the standard installation?
> Every new installation of Debian(Ubuntu) gives at first a very
> slow connection until the average-Joe-user goes and removes
> the ipv6 modules and deactivates the ipv6 usage in Mozilla.
> What I does not understand is why is it activated as there is
> very little support of this thing!?
> That Debian has it activated I can understand because they make
> a distro for everyone (admins, devs, users) but I does not understand
> it in the Ubuntu case as this is a distro for Joe-average, isn´t it?
> And see it from this side: If someone today needs IPv6 then this person
> is something like a admin or a developer, he will know how to activate it
> after the standard install. All other persons (I think) does not know
> how to disactivate it AND does not need it AND all they get is a slow
> connection.
> Can you, please, remove this from the standard install?
> Thanks for your work
> your humble
> debian_noob

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