Rick Rocker debian_noob at web.de
Wed Nov 9 02:45:04 CST 2005

Dear devs of Ubuntu,

I live in a industry state(Germany) and I use one of the
most known ISPs. I am a average-Joe-user and all
my friends are also average-Joe-users. 
This I write to give "my" problem a broader context: IPv6
in the standard installation activated.

I have no IPv6 hardware, my friends have no IPv6 hardware,
and as I know the ISPs of Germany have also not IPv6 "activated".

Can you please deactivate IPv6 from the standard installation?

Every new installation of Debian(Ubuntu) gives at first a very
slow connection until the average-Joe-user goes and removes
the ipv6 modules and deactivates the ipv6 usage in Mozilla.

What I does not understand is why is it activated as there is
very little support of this thing!?

That Debian has it activated I can understand because they make
a distro for everyone (admins, devs, users) but I does not understand
it in the Ubuntu case as this is a distro for Joe-average, isn´t it?

And see it from this side: If someone today needs IPv6 then this person
is something like a admin or a developer, he will know how to activate it
after the standard install. All other persons (I think) does not know
how to disactivate it AND does not need it AND all they get is a slow 

Can you, please, remove this from the standard install?

Thanks for your work
your humble
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