deboostrap hoary under colinux cause blue screen of death.

gary ng garyng2000 at
Wed Mar 16 12:54:50 CST 2005


I know this is not the expected environment ubuntu is
intended but is there a way to not install X.Org
relate stuff ? This is the package(I believe hardware
probe) that kills colinux and also Window(I need hard

Currently, I am running sarge(again deboostrap)
happily under colinux as I only need to install vnc or
freenx but I want to try the ubuntu desktop stuff,
i.e. gnome 2.10(without X.Org as that is irrelavent in
my case).

Is that possible ?

Actually, it is not debootstrap but I believe
"base-config new" that brings in X.Org. Would it be
better to have a more "bare" base-config as someone
may like to have an ubuntu server without the X stuff



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