Suede as default gnome icon theme for Hoary

adel durnet at
Tue Mar 15 05:23:56 CST 2005

yesterday I did browse CentOS 4.0 screenshots at, it uses
bluecurve icons, the closer ever icon's theme to perfect, but... could
anyone build complete icons set for Gnome? not just Gnome, on Windows XP
still there icons from Windows 95/98, so... can really Ubuntu build it's
own icons theme? would be silly to think that Ubuntu should draw icons
for every software out there, you will never catch up, no one did! but
what about software that come as part of default install? that include
mime types, stock, file systems, application... etc, all of them in
different sizes... bluh!!!
if I were you I wouldn't bother to build one but working on Gnome's
default icons, enhance it and contribute back to Gnome, that what is
Novell doing, it's easier, third part software's icons wouldn't look
odd, there is much room to enhance Gnome icons, look at Nautilus toolbar
icons, Ubuntu web browser icons, system tools menu icons,
update-manager... a lot of work but possible to done.
thanks for reading

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