Suede as default gnome icon theme for Hoary

Nikola dlist at
Tue Mar 15 04:42:23 CST 2005

Let me join this thread...a little bit late :-)
I was the one who made additional icons for Suede, mainly bunch of mime
type icons and stock icons.
IMHO, Suede (or any other SVG theme) is bad choice as a default icon
SVG icons scale realy bad when you need tiny icons, like those 16x16
pixel icons in file chooser dialog and such. 
Try for example default gnome icon theme's SVG icons (I've made Gnome
SVG theme that is on Now compare it to default png
gnome icon theme. 
jimmac is genious, his 16x16 pixel icons are crisp and sharp and look
Same goes for any other svg theme.
Maybe theme should be combination of SVG icons and png icons, I don't
know, but SVG only theme is a problem, IMHO.
Also, if any icon theme should be made default, it better be complete.
All mime types should be covered, stock icons, application specific
icons, app icons, I mean I want it complete.
For a while I've used Lila icon theme. It is very ipresive, since it
has almost all apps covered, you get nice consistient (sp?) desktop).
Also they set up forum, with one sticy thread for icon submisisions,
they have nice instrutcions how to make them (colours, how thick border
should be, etc) so it gets updated constantly.
So, if any theme should be made default, it needs to be complete.
Etiquete is nice, but I hope soon it will be finished. Look nice so
far, but unusable.


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