Request to remove "winesetuptk" package from universe

Leif dlist at
Sun Mar 13 05:34:53 CST 2005

Niran Babalola Wrote: 
> I don't think you want to use the same config file. I upgraded to
> hoary a few days ago, and X wouldn't start and complained about not
> being able to find the "Keyboard" driver (I think the problem here is
> that uses a lowercase K). Even doing a "dpkg-reconfigure
> xserver-xorg" didn't fix it. I had to delete the xorg.conf file and
> then run "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" to generate a new one.
> Basically, if works for you on the live CD then it should work
> installed. What goes wrong with when you try it?
> - Niran

I've got xinerama setup with an nvidia card and an old s3. When I use
xorg, the s3 screen just goes black. My mouse still moves out of the
nvidia screen to the s3 screen, I just can't see it. I realize an old
card like the s3 must be supported by xorg, but somehow it doesn't work
quite in the same way as xfree.


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