Request to remove "winesetuptk" package from universe

Leif dlist at
Sat Mar 12 19:00:37 CST 2005

Matt Zimmerman Wrote: 
> On Sat, Mar 12, 2005 at 10:23:34PM +1100, Shimon wrote:
> > MDZ: but xfree is still in hoary and i am not talking about the
> dummy
> > package I am talking about xserver-xfree and I think it needs to
> stay
> > their for a while till all drivers for all gfx are working with xorg
> > include the one for OLD gfx card
> The xfree86 source package remains in Hoary, but:
> - It is provided as-is in universe
> - Only the X server is built, no other part of xfree86
> - It is planned for removal
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> - mdz
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Sorry for something of a threadjack, but will this mean trouble for
those of us with cards not supported by xorg ? I am admittedly a newb,
but all I know is that given the same config file xfree works for me
and xorg doesn't. I'm ok with not getting any updates on xfree, but
will this eventually mean that I get a broken system ?


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