AudioCD burning, another call for testers !

Farhad Shakiba fshakiba at
Sat Jul 16 19:32:05 CDT 2005

On 7/16/05, Bastien Nocera <hadess at> wrote:

> I think you're confused about the goal of Serpentine: it is an audio CD
> burning solution. Gnomebaker is a full-fledged burning solution.

Have you looked under hoary sound and multimedia submenu? There is a
separate app for "Monitoring Volume" and a separate app for
"Monitoring Recording Volume".

It seems there is a point where breaking software package's
functionality into smaller apps simply becomes ridiculous and with
diminishing returns we'll cause more confusion.

Gnomebaker seems to provide a clean and intuitive interface for most
recording needs all in one place.

With current setup : "I wanna burn a cd, do I need to right click on
nautilus? Or go to Places-> CD DVD, or was it serpantine?"

Gnomebaker: "I need to burn a cd/dvd/audio cd/ cdimage. Gnomebaker here I come!"

I'm not saying the current nautilus implementation is bad or anything,
I'm just wondering how in the future every new CD/DVD recording
feature will be implemented. Are they going to break off into separate
apps? Serpantine For audio, Nautilus for Image and Data, Some other
app for DVD video etc...

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