RSS in Hoary

Jaime Soriano Pastor kronoss at
Thu Jul 14 13:44:50 CDT 2005

I think liferea is the best RSS reader too. While Firefox and
Thunderbird are  hard to use when you have a lot of feeds, the folder
system of liferea allows you to sort them easily by topics, so you can
read quickly the group of feeds that more interest you in each moment.
And the behavior of the tray icon is excelent.

Liferea would be perfect if a Firefox extension allowed to add feeds
directly from the web.

Sami Haahtinen wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 15:26:08 -0700, Justin Mason wrote:
>>Just to second the Liferea recommendation -- I too switched from Straw and
>>find it excellent (apart from it leaking memory slowly, requiring periodic
>>restarts once every few days).
> +1 on liferea too.
> i remember dismissing it when i moved away from thunderbird, but now that
> i tried it again... It's just about perfect. Now i'm an ex-straw user and
> a happy liferea user. Can't remember why i dismissed it though. 
> As a bonus, i get the beagle filter to index rss feeds too ;)
> - S

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