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Dick Davies rasputnik at
Fri Jul 15 05:11:32 CDT 2005

* Jaime Soriano Pastor <kronoss at> [0748 19:48]:
> I think liferea is the best RSS reader too. While Firefox and
> Thunderbird are  hard to use when you have a lot of feeds, the folder
> system of liferea allows you to sort them easily by topics, so you can
> read quickly the group of feeds that more interest you in each moment.
> And the behavior of the tray icon is excelent.
> Liferea would be perfect if a Firefox extension allowed to add feeds
> directly from the web.

No-ones' mentioned online readers like yet,
so I will :)

What drove me up the wall with liferea (which is a perfectly good app)
was that I had two copies - at work and home - which in my
mind is soooo 20th century.

The interface is very similar to liferea (folders, etc.) , but (of course)
your read items stay read when you get home - and it's one less window on
the desktop. It's less of a hog on other peoples bandwidth too, since bloglines
just has to grab the feed once for all subscribers.

And of course it's cross-platform :)

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