First set of language packs out for testing

Danilo Segan danilo at
Mon Jan 17 15:00:44 CST 2005

Today at 19:39, Martin Pitt wrote:

> - sudo apt-get install language-support-<yourlanguage>; after this,
>   all hoary/main applications should have <yourlanguage> translations
>   again. If you don't want the dependencies (OO.o, Mozilla, etc.
>   locale packs), just install language-pack-<yourlanguage>-update
>   instead.

Does this integrate translations that go into XML files, GConf
schemas, and .desktop files (and other similar intltool-merged

The simplest way would be to have all localisable content (eg. source,,, files) in this
language-pack, and msgunfmt all existing MO's (on the system,
basically /usr/share/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/ for this
software, and re-merge them with intltool-merge.  This would imply
having intltool-merge installed as user/admin tool (part of the base
system), instead of only as build tool.

I'll dist-upgrade my Warty to Hoary before I comment any further. :)


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