Python, GTK and popup

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Sat Jan 8 00:22:18 CST 2005

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski Wrote: 
> I'm writing a small application, just to learn new things. Maybe it 
> will be usable for some Ubuntu users, too. ;-) I wonder, is there any 
> library (with Python's bindings) that can make a popup windows. I want 
> to notify user that something has happend, so a small ,,cloud'' over 
> tray icon would be fine. Can it be done, or should I emulate this 
> feature with borderless windows?
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what kind of application is it?  Do you want to make a gtk popup
window from withing a gtk application, or are you trying to get a gtk
popup w/ just a pure python script?  also, how about some code examples


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