Python, GTK and popup

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski opi at
Sun Jan 9 10:00:20 CST 2005

stateq2 wrote:

> what kind of application is it? 

  It popup to ,,scratch my itch''. We have a DC hub in our network at 
work. Lots of illegal stuff, from mp3 to movies. Since I'm not in warez, 
I could care less for that. But my girlfriend study a ,,Knowledge about 
culture and movie'' so she needs a peak at as much movies, as she can. 
Leaving moral problems behind, I had to setup VNC server, and now she 
can use our DC with remote desktop. This has some downsizes. My disk is 
not made from rubber (witch is a good thing, because, otherwise it 
woulnd't work at all;-)) and when I'm gone it could be overrun by .avi 
files (and render my database and code useless). I decited to write a 
Python program (just to get into it, because Bash could do fine here;-) 
that could do following:

  * Set up partition alert limit (in % or megabytes)
  * Set a notify action (popup and/or e-mail)
  * Use killall <appname> to kill applications that may cause ,,disk is
    full'' event.

  All I need is to learn how to handle listviews, cyclegadgets and text 
gadgets in GTK. ;-) And I was wondering if there's a ,,popup'' class in 
GTK, or I should take care of it myself.

  Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski, software departament of

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