Python IDE (SPE / wxPython 2.5 doesn't work)

Chris Ferrell dlist at
Mon Feb 14 02:55:15 CST 2005

I've become interested in Python lately and also used to think that the
universal IDE (Eclipse) was the way to go, but I've since changed my

The main problem I see is that developers/plugin-in writers have to
code in Java.  Maybe that's not a big deal for some, but I would think
that many Python developers would rather avoid that.

I had to delete wx /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages completely to get
SPE working, but from the limited amount I've seen it looks nice and we
"finally" get gtk+2.x goodness in wx.

I'd love to see a SPE package in hoary.

Of course writing one from scratch with PyGtk+ is always an option.  It
seems like a mature, stable toolkit to the limited exposure I've had,
but it might be better just to contribute to something like SPE since
it's already there and looks great to boot.

Chris Ferrell

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