Python IDE

Ville Vainio vivainio at
Wed Feb 9 10:20:03 CST 2005

>Just to put it in the Python-IDE-pipe: Boa-Constructor is my favorite 
>toy for my professional development of Zope/Plone Applications. Well, it 
>has some minor bugs left. I would like to see it as a Ubuntu-package.

BOA constructor has always seemed to be broken in one way or another in
every version I've tried. Has it gotten any more mature lately? I would
hesitate "standardizing" on it, esp. as someone might consider the
generation of wxPython code suspicious when compared w/ using
dynamically loaded XML UI description files a'la Glade.

A separate tool for UI generation and general IDE (debugger / editor)
would also seem more maintainable and more in line with Unix philosophy.

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