Menus in Hoary/Gnome2.9

nuopus dlist at
Sun Feb 13 23:13:34 CST 2005

Jerry Haltom Wrote: 
> Doesn't it seem a bit... mean... to drop an expected feature before
> having a replacement in place? Doesn't seems like something I'd have
> expected Ubuntu to do for a release. Doesn't seem like something Apple
> would do. =)

I would like to point out that Hoary is a development version. There
is talks of a menu editor in Gnome 2.10 when it is released ... and
thus in Hoary when it is released.

Apple produces betas in a CLOSED fasion like Microsoft does ... you do
not get to actively see the development of the next version of OSX so
how do YOU know if it isnt something apple does during active
development of OSX? If you have ever taken part in active development
of new software , you would know that when a codebase is switched or
they are planning a new release with lots of features, there are ALWAYS
things that will break during its development.

If you are angry that they have removed a beloved feature temporarily,
then maybe you should just stick to Warty until Hoary gets released.


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