synaptic with dpkg progressbar in hoary

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Wed Feb 2 13:20:46 CST 2005

Dear Friends,

synaptic now has the feature to hide the dpkg output when instaling
packages and display a nice progress bar instead.

To make  sure that  it works as  expected it  would be really  nice if
users of hoary and synaptic  could help testing this feature by seting
"Settings/Preferences/Apply changes in terminal window" to unchecked
(this will be the default for hoary).

If your version of synaptic is recent enough (0.55+cvs2005* should do)
you will get a progress-bar when installing packages. If you want (or
the program tries to prompt on the terminal direcly) you can exapnd
the "Terminal" expander to see what's going on. The Debconf frontend
is set to gnome by default in this mode, (so libgnome2-perl is
recommended but not enforced). 

Please report any problems/suggestions to me (or the bugzilla). 


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