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姜国伟 jianggw at bsw.net.cn
Tue Dec 20 02:16:59 GMT 2005

    Hello.I have some questions about testing.Would you pleased help me on it?

1.Ubuntu have a mailing list named 'laptop-testing-team at lists.ubuntu.com'. Why do we haven't a more 
general mailing list such as 'testing-team at lists.ubuntu.com ? As far as know,another linux distro Fedora 
has such a list called fedora-test-list at redhat.com 

2.BreezyBadger is released in October,drake flight1 in November and flight2 in December.Update is so 
fast.Which version should I test?

3.Hard compatibility is important to any linux,I think.Up to the present,there isn't a list to show that 
a certain printer,machine,laptop,digital camera and etc are supported or not .
I have an immature plan.We could make a sheet like this 
anyone can add new type and result.Thus with the effort of us all,we may finish this big task.Is it feasible?


                                                         Victor Jiang

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