Installer bug in dealing with external mass storage

Farhad Shakiba fshakiba at
Sat Aug 27 21:19:31 CDT 2005

Hi, It seems colony 3 during the setup process adds all attached file
systems to the fstab. This is problematic because during the install I
happened to have my external usb hard disk plugged in and it got added
as a fstab entry.

The consequence now is that the disk will not behave like an extrnal
mass storage device (it won't automount after it's plugged in to usb
port). I had to manually remove the fstab entry to fix this. I was
trying to file this bug but wasn't sure which package/section this
belongs to?

P.S. are other OS partitions (e.g. ntfs/windows) supposed to be added
to fstab and automounted? It didn't do this in my experience.

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