Breezy on kernel error

Carl Hewlett surfduke2001 at
Sun Aug 28 07:07:57 CDT 2005

I am running the breezy traps on my office desktop. I
have an error message of: (/int 89 chmod not found),
on boot. This does not seem to effect preformance. I
felt it should be reported.

My laptop wireless card is still not working, (as I
posted before). It is seen by the hardware mang. but
ndiswrapper will not get it to opp., (Netwave Point II
PC card bus adapter (BWP612B 802.11b II, Blitzz name

The other item I find strange is the need to go in and
tell the system to begin to use the online clock
sync.. Not a big deal but needs to be addressed before
october release.


Carl Hewlett

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