Include this driver to support notebook keyboard special keys

VETSEL Patrice vetsel.patrice at
Mon Aug 15 14:35:13 CDT 2005

My medion 40653 is made on the base of acer notebook.
Special keys are not supported (www/mail/tv/wifi).

The problem is that sometimes after a bad resume, wifi is desactived.
In the bios the configuration for the wifi is :
disabled on boot
last state on boot

So i have to boot under windows just  for re-activating the wifi.

With this driver, under hoary, or the last breezy, i succesfully 
compiled it and activate the wifi. I can also launch firefox or 
evolution with special keys.

Please consider to add this in the kernel, or made a simple package.

VETSEL Patrice
(aka Kagou)

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