Resyncing the archive with the seed lists

Thom May thom at
Mon Aug 15 10:39:05 CDT 2005

* Adam Conrad (adconrad at wrote :
> Martin Pitt wrote:
> > 
> >> o wwwconfig-common: wwwconfig-common
> Sean hasn't touched wwwconfig-common, actually, he's been proposing and
> trying to write a replacement that's actually policy compliant and
> doesn't mess willy-nilly with other packages' conffiles.
> wwwconfig-common, while a validly useful idea, is horribly implemented
> and can cause a large number of hard-to-diagnose problems.  If there's
> any way that moodle can be made to not require it, yet still install
> cleanly, this would really be preferable.
Definitely agree with Adam here; I spent some time ripping wwwconfig-common
out of main during the hoary timescale and it was definitely the right

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