initial screen resolution tests (Re: Some critics about Ubuntu

Philippe Landau lists at
Mon Nov 29 13:44:45 CST 2004

Jeff Waugh wrote:
>>5) Gnome: I don't know why, but the settings for the login-screen and the
>>desktop was different for me. The login-screen was at "12xx x 10xx" and
>>the destop was "1024x768" right after the installation. Maybe you have to
>>look after the packages to make a litte patch.
> Strange, that generally only happens when the GNOME RandR stuff is set by
> the user. It should not happen on first log in. Have you been able to
> reproduce this?
i asked how to change this behaviour twice on this list without answers,
and it stayed after fresh installations of ubuntu warty, so yes.
the first login screen should be at a low resolution by default,
especially if vram is limited like on old systems,
and run tests asking which resolution is ok.
these tests should also be repeated if a different monitor is detected.

kind regards     philippe

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