Some critics about Ubuntu

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Mon Nov 29 02:35:36 CST 2004

> 2) The installation: It was easy. It was too easy. It was so easy that
> I thought while my comp was working hard with selecting and installing
> packages that I missed to answer a question of the installer right.
> The installer went to install a big bunch of packages without telling me
> what has to be installed. And without giving me the selection process.
> Hey guys, where is tasksel in Ubuntu? Why didn't you make the selection
> finer for tasksel and give the user many possibilities to install his
> machine? Something like: only console, with X11, only console with
> dev tools, with X11 and dev tools and so on...There are many thinkable
> possibilities.

This is the thing I like most about ubuntu. I install it and get a
good default.  It's so easy to install and remove programs afterwards
that anyone who wants a development machine for example can simply
install it.

And then you have the "custom" installer boot prompt...

I LOVE the fact that there is no tasksel in ubuntu.


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