Ubuntu blues

Reinhard Mueller reinhard.mueller at bytewise.at
Sun Dec 12 12:14:33 CST 2004

Am Son, den 12.12.2004 schrieb Matt Zimmerman um 19:08:
> > Well ... what I have found is that if you say YES to downloading
> > software from the internet it will end up downloading 100+ packages. If
> > you say NO to downloading software then it will install everything from
> > the CDs. If you enable the repositories THEN do an update it does not
> > download nearly as many updates ... which leads me to believe that ALL
> > of the packages .. X, GNOME and the apps are downloaded from the
> > Internet instead of actually using the ones from the CD.
> That should not be the case; it will only download packages from the
> Internet which are not available on the CD (i.e., newer versions).  In
> Warty, this means that only security updates will be retrieved.

Last time I tried to tell the installer to download the software from
the internet, I think it didn't even add the CD to /etc/apt/sources.list

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