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Mon Oct 28 22:23:10 UTC 2019

On Mon, 28 Oct 2019 at 21:05, Scott Dennis <sdennis91 at> wrote:

> Why do you guys add stuff such as anbox to the ubuntu repos. while not
> including everything. I get this ls -l /dev/{ashmem,binder}
> ls: cannot access '/dev/ashmem': No such file or directory
> ls: cannot access '/dev/binder': No such file or directory
> which tells me you added anbox to the repos, so we can't use anbox from
> the site. Thats garbage if you ask me. Just like microsoft adding crap and
> forcing a person to use there software and not third party. Stop lying and
> put the ashmem and binder in the repos or remove anbox and let  us use the
> anbox site repos.

There is no lying involved, this is a bug and not malicious intent. Please
remember to be courteous. Nothing is stopping you from installing anbox
from the anbox-released files or packages.

I **can** recreate your issue, so there is a problem with anbox as provided
by the repository. This is likely due to a conflict or an accidental
omission when synchronising the Eoan repositories with those of Debian in
the early part of the 19.10 cycle. It would be helpful if you could file a
bug against anbox by running `ubuntu-bug anbox` explaining that the package
does not depend upon a suitable kernel module-providing package, such as
that in morphis' PPA. These modules, namely ashmem and binder are required
to run anbox and so the anbox package should hard-require them.

The upstream Anbox documentation does explain how to install anbox
according to their best practices. You can follow the directions that they
publish at - The
main directions are to install the missing kernel modules from morphis' PPA
and then install the snap package called `anbox`.

> Another problem I found is gdm3 don't work right. If I bring down the menu
> to restart or shutdown, the button don't work. Half the time gdm3 won't
> even login so I switched to sddm which is working. At this point ubuntu
> 19.10 was not stable enough for a release. I read that this will be 20.04,
> I hope not. Fix the eoan problems and release them to 19.10, not to 20.04
> and make us 19.10 users suffer.

Hyperbole aside, can you file a bug against gdm3 by running `ubuntu-bug
gdm3` from a terminal or the run dialog (press alt+f2 to active the run
dialog) with as much detail as possible about your issue with the login

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