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Mon Oct 28 23:45:32 UTC 2019

On Mon, 28 Oct 2019 at 23:16, Scott Dennis <sdennis91 at> wrote:

> Yes this is stopping me "E: anbox-modules-dkms: installed
> anbox-modules-dkms package post-installation script subprocess returned
> error exit status 10" when i try to install from the morphis ppa. Why
> because there is no eoan location. So I tried disco, which it found. So yep
> adding anbox to ubuntu, without the correct files is a hindrance. Odd all
> the errors I find I searched online, and I easily find them on debian, so
> why can't you guys do that too. And halt ubuntu from releasing until debian
> gets fixed. So far the only thing I am liking about 19.10 is the bgrt theme
> for plymouth. If i could get that theme on 19.04 I would revert back.

Please send replies to the list, not to me directly - this will allow
others to see your message and be able to help you when I'm asleep :-)

The error you show above is not due to the anbox package in the Ubuntu
Archive. This error is specific to the morphis PPA which is provided by
anbox upstream. We have no access to modify or publish new packages there.
This is a different issue to the one you initially mentioned about the
anbox package in the Archive. You will need to petition anbox maintainers
to publish an appropriate package for Ubuntu 19.10, and separately file an
issue against the anbox package in Ubuntu as I suggested in my first reply.

While both issues are preventing you from installing and using anbox they
are actually two separate problems with different people required to fix

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