anbox on 19.10

Scott Dennis sdennis91 at
Sat Oct 26 05:36:19 UTC 2019

Why do you guys add stuff such as anbox to the ubuntu repos. while not
including everything. I get this ls -l /dev/{ashmem,binder}
ls: cannot access '/dev/ashmem': No such file or directory
ls: cannot access '/dev/binder': No such file or directory
which tells me you added anbox to the repos, so we can't use anbox from the
site. Thats garbage if you ask me. Just like microsoft adding crap and
forcing a person to use there software and not third party. Stop lying and
put the ashmem and binder in the repos or remove anbox and let  us use the
anbox site repos.

Another problem I found is gdm3 don't work right. If I bring down the menu
to restart or shutdown, the button don't work. Half the time gdm3 won't
even login so I switched to sddm which is working. At this point ubuntu
19.10 was not stable enough for a release. I read that this will be 20.04,
I hope not. Fix the eoan problems and release them to 19.10, not to 20.04
and make us 19.10 users suffer.
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