Requesting Pixel desktop on ubuntu, LXQT is totally bad!

Edney Helenedossantos edneyheleneusa at
Mon Nov 19 12:52:27 UTC 2018

About the LXQT and Pixel desktop, pixel desktop does have its version to pc
so no adaptation is needed!
LXQT will only be my main driver when it finally starts to work with hidpi
monitors instead of forcing users to create an .Xresources file with
xft.dpi setting to make it usable, also on my machine it uses almost the
same memory as xfce, so why would anyone use it? If you want to make it
usable for users you gotta fix these two problems and make sure that its
going to be more usable on hidpi monitors and consume less ram at all,
maybe if you replace openbox with something like kwin by default the
usability may be better on hidpi screens....
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