Requesting Pixel desktop on ubuntu, LXQT is totally bad!

Walter Lapchynski wxl at
Sat Nov 17 19:18:22 UTC 2018

I see several problems with this suggestion:
 * the descriptions I read suggest several aesthetic changes but little beyond that
 * the Pi in Pixel refers to the Raspberry Pi, i.e. it is targeted specifically at that platform/architecture so much will have to be undone/redone to make it more general
 * LXDE is not ready for GTK3 still and I see nothing that Pixel has done to change that
 * they don't seem to be pushing upstream so they do run the potential risk of having upstream changes dramatically affect downstream ones, not to mention the fact they essentially limit the developers on the project to only their own
 * even if that weren't true, LXDE developers are few and the only development done is pretty minor. Considering one of their biggest developers left for LXQt, that's a bit telling
 * given the [need to switch from GTK2][1], the reason why [PCMan left][2] for LXQt is because of greater resource usage in GTK, so the very premise your suggestion hangs on is actually untrue

Not to mention the fact that [some people][3] just find GNOME folks hard to deal with, making Qt development easier on a social level… 

Furthermore, speaking from the perspective of a Lubuntu team member, LXQt is easier to deal with than LXDE in about every way imaginable. I get responses from upstream on bug reports immediately versus months later and they usually come with quick fixes. It's easier to configure, more complete functionally, and more open to feature requests. It has a bigger team and a lot more interest. 

Since releasing 18.10 (the first with LXQt), we have heard very few complaints and in fact have received a lot of praise despite having some rough edges. We discussed offering both desktop environments, perhaps out of fear of the backlash, but I'm glad we didn't offer both, as there has been no such backlash. 


On November 17, 2018 6:21:12 AM PST, Edney Helenedossantos <edneyheleneusa at> wrote:
>Still about pixel desktop, its an overhaul of lxde!
>So anyone capable of porting it? Its Deb Based! Would
>Here are all the changes:
>Em sáb, 17 de nov de 2018 às 00:04, Edney Helenedossantos <
>edneyheleneusa at> escreveu:
>> Hello there, would love to see pibuntu or pixelbuntu, an ubuntu
>> with pixel desktop from raspibian !
>> Its an LXDE based that works flawlessly! As far as lxde is going to
>> replaced for lxqt pixel is the only good alternative at the moment,
>> uses alot more memory on my tests, pixel desktop is beautiful and
>> distro is based on debian, maybe someone could build an ubuntu
>version with
>> it  or insert it into mini iso so we can install it as desktop for
>> distro?
>> More infox about pixel desktop are here:
>> Thanks in advance

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