Proposal: Move Default Application Settings

Lars Kumbier lars at
Wed Jan 20 08:42:53 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

currently, the settings for the "Default Application" are located in
"System Settings > Information > Default Applications", same as the
"Removal Media" settings.

I would not have guessed to find any settings behind a page called
"Information" at all when Unity was introduced and I believe, that new
users are struggling with that missing logic as well.

I propose to change the location of the "Default Application" settings
and the "Removal Media" settings to something more suitable. The
"Default Applications" setting would be better suited in the
"Applications & Updates" page at first glance.

However, since both settings are bound to the user account, maybe a new
page / icon in the "Personal" section of the system settings would be
better suited.

What do you think?


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