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Thu Jan 21 15:47:17 UTC 2016

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Lars Kumbier wrote on 20/01/16 08:42:
> Hi everyone,
> currently, the settings for the "Default Application" are located 
> in "System Settings > Information > Default Applications", same as 
> the "Removal Media" settings.
> I would not have guessed to find any settings behind a page called 
> "Information" at all when Unity was introduced and I believe, that 
> new users are struggling with that missing logic as well.

I guess by "Information" you mean "Details". (At least, that's what it
is in English in 14.04 and 15.10.)

Either way, though, yes, that panel is a junk drawer and System
Settings would be better off without it.

"Overview" would be more coherent as a standalone "About This
Computer" window. <>

And "Legal Notice" would be more relevant as a dialog accessed from an
unobtrusive "ℹ" or similar button in the corner of the Dash itself.

> I propose to change the location of the "Default Application" 
> settings and the "Removal Media" settings to something more 
> suitable. The "Default Applications" setting would be better
> suited in the "Applications & Updates" page at first glance.

It's "Software & Updates", and I doubt many people would expect to
find default app settings there. That panel is about where Ubuntu
Software Center, Software Updater etc look for software and how they

Instead, I suggest combining "Default Applications" and "Removable
Media" into a single panel labelled "Apps & Devices" or similar.

> However, since both settings are bound to the user account, maybe
> a new page / icon in the "Personal" section of the system settings 
> would be better suited.
> ...

"Personal" is not the same as "bound to the user account". For
example, accessibility settings and (currently) backups are bound to
the user account, but they are in "System". The categorization is
about how users think of the settings, not about whether they happen
to be user-account-specific.

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