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Raphael Calvo raphael.calvo at
Tue May 19 00:24:58 UTC 2015

As an engineer I can definitelly say that saddens me to see such level of
argumentation towards a client/user.
It does not matter if the client\user knows the science behind the subject.
Imagine if I would have to explain to a business jet client that he would
have to wait 30 minutes to the aircraft to perform all of its automated
safety checks before taking off. It does not matter if the engineer is
right about all the safety tests that need to be done. Probably the
engineer is right, nevertheless, the 30 minute waiting is absurd. The
problem is not the test itself but the time consumed to do it. After all
when you pay for a business jet you expect to spend less time. When you
have a car of 20kUsd that takes less than 3 seconds to perform this kind of
tests you already have a performance standard in your mind.
The same comparison applies to this menu discussion. There is an industry
standard that is embedded on the user mind and every change implicates in a
learning curve, even worse if the user has to work in one OS environment
and at home the user uses another environment with a different UI behavior.

Thinking as an engineer focused on maximizing the happiness all possible
clients I would invest time to bring customization options that are safe to
be tweaked and very accessible instead of deep hidden in the system.

For this particular subject IMHO there is no correct answer.
The correct place for the "close", " minimize" and "maximize" controls are
where the user wants it to be and not where someone think its best.

IDEA: Could we have a drop down menu accessible by right-clicking on the
Close-Minimize-Maximize button where we could choose where in the title bar
we would wanted it to be placed? And once this setting is applied it
becomes valid for every window already opened and for future windows?

Best Regards

Raphael das Neves Calvo
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