Window Controls on the Right Side

John Moser john.r.moser at
Tue May 19 00:37:32 UTC 2015

On 05/18/2015 08:24 PM, Raphael Calvo wrote:
> As an engineer I can definitelly say that saddens me to see such level
> of argumentation towards a client/user.

As an engineer, I can say you're vulnerable to the engineer's problem of
coming up with some complicated way of doing things.

> Thinking as an engineer focused on maximizing the happiness all possible
> clients I would invest time to bring customization options that are safe
> to be tweaked and very accessible instead of deep hidden in the system.

...and this is the other problem:  instead of coming up with the worst
answer by overcomplication ("how do I handle a file being picked up
early during upload by a daemon watching a directory?" "Well we could
write a kernel module to hide the file from that daemon...."), you come
up with the answer catering to the engineer audience ("How do we design
the best plastic wrench?" "Well, you could sell a plastic epoxy allowing
the customer to design their own wrench...").

Congratulations, you managed to beat the primary engineer's problem and
instead fall to a more common-mode thinking problem.

Customization is its own engineering decision; it comes with presets,
defaults, and a configuration setting to make new outcomes if the
presets are not satisfactory.  Before you can provide customization, you
must provide *the* definitive default.

> For this particular subject IMHO there is no correct answer.

Then you haven't actually asked a question.

> The correct place for the "close", " minimize" and "maximize" controls
> are where the user wants it to be and not where someone think its best.

That's a project management approach:  If the customer has asked for the
controls to be on the right, then they belong on the right.

We're arguing over the engineering approach:  where is the optimal place
for this crap?

> IDEA: Could we have a drop down menu accessible by right-clicking on the
> Close-Minimize-Maximize button where we could choose where in the title
> bar we would wanted it to be placed? And once this setting is applied it
> becomes valid for every window already opened and for future windows?

This opens a brand new battle about how much is too much.  Context-based
interfaces are great; but context-based interfaces with hundreds of
context options are overwhelming.  Now we must ask if this is the
highest-priority action for the context, or if we should prune it in
favor of other things to put on that context interface.

> Best Regards
> Raphael das Neves Calvo

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