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Il 01/05/2015 16:52, Matthew Paul Thomas ha scritto:
>> With LIMs (you know, *normal* menus), you just click File on the
>>  window; with Global Menus, you have to click the window, then go
>>  back and click File at the top.
> That isn't correct either. Locally Integrated Menus are not
> "normal menus"; menus in the title bar are unlike Windows, OS X, or
> any other system or app I've seen, except the eccentric iTunes for
> Windows.


> Regardless, with Locally Integrated Menus you have to focus the
> window before you can open a menu -- just as you need to do with
> the global menu bar.

No, this changed starting from 15.04, now unfocused windows have LIMs
as well and you can activate the menu (and the window) by just
clicking on it, despite its focus state (there's also an option to
avoid this, by the way).

> The reason for moving the controls to the left was made clear by
> Mark at the time: "Moving everything to the left opens up the space
> on the right nicely, and I would like to experiment in 10.10 with
> some innovative options there." 
> <>
>  Those innovative options were, of course, windicators and
> netbooks. <>

Right... This was not easy to do with old decorations, while now it
would be quite trivial to get this done. All that would be needed is
an API to use on the app side, but this is not anymore a priority with
unity8 rework.

Back on the main topic, I've already explained [1] the reason why we
didn't include in new decorations the ability to change the layout.
And there are both UX and technical reasons (although the last ones
are "just" some optimization).

As always, patches welcome, by the way.

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