Window Controls on the Right Side

John Moser john.r.moser at
Thu Apr 30 04:04:47 UTC 2015

On 04/29/2015 11:34 PM, Dale Amon wrote:
> All of which is why I am migrating to Mint, step by step.
> Even on Ubuntu I use Mate and make the changes to make
> the OS and GUI do my bidding.

Gnome 3 here, because I was a Gnome 2 user and the workflow is
functionally superior to both Unity and Gnome 2.

Caveat:  the alt-tab behavior is functionally useless; I believe it may
be an abandoned feature, because it never gets fixed and behaves in
entirely unjustifiable ways.  Gnome 3 alt-tab switches between
applications instead of windows--if I want to tab back and forth reading
Thunderbird and writing this e-mail, it's going to be ridiculously
slow--which is crap behavior; but, as well, if I swap desktops and then
alt-tab, I'll go back to some other application, then the second alt-tab
will hurl me to a DIFFERENT application (not this one), and then alt-tab
will tab between those two and NOT return to the application I had
active when I hit alt-tab in the first place!  That's got to be a bug,
but nobody has cared to fix it; thus, the Gnome team has obviously
decided alt-tab isn't a feature anymore, and haven't gotten around to
removing it.

Seriously though.

Keyboard:  Press Meta.  Expose view of all applications on the desktop,
allowing rapid access to any.  Type anything and it immediately shows
relevant applications.  ctrl+alt+up/down to switch desktops.

Mouse:  Tap Activities in top-left.  Drag windows onto other desktops,
or between desktops.  Can still start typing to search, then click on
the results (instead of tab and enter, or just enter to activate the
first one).

Locating, launching, organizing, and switching between applications and
windows requires minimal actions, and is entirely intuitive.  Even in
Unity, you actually have to click the button for the search tool before
you start typing search terms.  (Plus 2x2 virtual desktops, all shown at
once, as-is instead of with windows spread out?  How does that help?
What if the window I want is buried under other windows?)

I haven't navigated an Applications or System menu in years.

The two main metrics here are number of actions to achieve results (do I
click something to bring up the search box, or just start typing and it
knows to do that?) and intuitiveness (what do you actually expect to
happen when you start typing without selecting a context?  Well,
nothing; searching by default is a good do-nothing feature that somehow
manages to accept the user's input).

That alt-tab behavior fails both of these.  Please bring back Gnome 2


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