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Rodney Dawes rodney.dawes at canonical.com
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Everyone, if you encounter any bugs or issues you have with the phone,
please file bug reports in Launchpad, or contact bq's support (if you
are using a the bq Ubuntu phone) to raise the issues. This mailing list
is not an issue tracking system, and all the developers of the software
in question may not be subscribed to this list, so we cannot use it to
track issues related to the phone, or any other aspect of Ubuntu. This
list is for general discussion about general Ubuntu development. Filing
the bugs in Launchpad directly will also give you much more visibility
on their progress, and you will be able to see when they get targeted
for an OTA release and such.

Thanks. :)

On Tue, 2015-04-07 at 11:14 +0100, Morgan DURAND wrote:
> Hello,
> I will try to feedback my own experience with ubuntu phone (sorry for
> my english, i'm not at all native english speaker).
> ==== [CRITICAL BUG] ====
>       * Some wifi network doesn't work. Indeed, when I try to connect
>         to my college's wifi network ( tunneled TLS) it's not work,
>         worse it crash my phone. On the network available list, when I
>         select my network once, it doesn't connect but when i try to
>         connect 3/4 time the wifi shut down (something like the
>         service is stoped) and for restart the wifi I have to restart
>         my Aquaris E4.5. 
>         NB : It's work fine with ubuntu desktop​
>       * The 3G network and MMS doesn't work. Indeed, when I try to
>         configure my APN network it seems like some fields are
>         missing. When I fill all field matching with my APN config and
>         I try to connect to internet it doesn't work. For more
>         information, thisi is my APN configuration :
>         http://community.48months.ie/t5/Need-Help/Internet-Settings/td-p/78
>       * 
>       * When I try to select the text inside the TextBox, (Let's say :
>         "48months.liffeytelecom.com"). if I stay press the textBox for
>         while, it will select me only the word "liffeytelecom" but no
>         option "select all the text" will appear, if I want to select
>         all the text he'll have to change the sliders manually and
>         it's a nightmare (see next point)
>       * If I am in a Textbox or textArea, and I have a mistake (let's
>         say I have enter a phone number "0669....") and I want replace
>         "06" by "+336", With my finger it's pretty hardl to get right
>         after the "0".  There is no way to refine the cursor. For
>         example if I stay longer press, it does not pop me a loupe to
>         be more accurate, or I do not have arrow in the keyboard to
>         move the cursor character by character. So to replace my
>         number is the real nightmare.
>       * When I accidentally click a Textbox there to no function to
>         remove the keyboard that just appear.
>       * In the french keybord, an important character is the : '
>         (apostrophe). And it's not present on the main keyboard page,
>         I have to go in the second page
>       * When I want to type a word with an apostrophe like "l'autre"
>         but as I type "lautre" it will not guess the word ...
>       *  The keyboard is very strict, it doesn't allow mistake, I mean
>         if type "avzc" instead of "avec" (in french keyboard the "z"
>         is just beside the "e") it will not correct the word.
>       *   The french auto-corection is not good, for example it
>         doesn't know this word (because it have a special character) :
>         "ça". 
> ==== [ MULTIMEDIA BUG ] ====
>       * When I watch a youtube video in full screen, after 1min (the
>         time that I have set before my phone goes to sleep), the
>         screen darkens. it's super boring. 
>       * 
>       * When I watch a video whose width is too small (for example,
>         this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fBaOADbUg8), the
>         player bar is truncated. I do not have the icon "to full
>         screen" is displayed because the bar is truncated.
>       * When I look at the gif on reddit
>         (https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/) and of reading is 'jerky'
>       * It will be very nice if the youtube webapplication could be
>         run in background. ça serait vraiment bien si l'application
>         youtube aurait le droit de s’exécuter en fond, like this, I
>         could listen to music on youtube while I read my email ^^
>       * in the center circle that displays notifications like "no
>         message received today" it would be nice if there could also
>         display the time, because the time to see it forces me to open
>         the hull 
>       * It would me nice to swipe to the left from the center for go
>         in previous page instead of display the main scope.
> But ubuntu phone still a good phone, I really like it, thank you for
> your amazing job.
> 2015-04-06 12:33 GMT+01:00 Nikita <veshchikov.nikita at gmail.com>:
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>         Hello,
>         a couple of week ago I received my Ubuntu phone, I've been
>         using it
>         since and I must say I am pretty happy
>         with it. I would like to give you some feedback with my
>         comments that
>         you might be interested in
>         and that I hope would be helpful in the further software
>         development.
>          - Keyboard
>         First of all, one thing that I would really find very helpful
>         is a
>         language indicator for a keyboard.
>         I frequently use 3 languages and two of them use Latin
>         alphabet, but I
>         can not use the same keyboard with both
>         (because a keyboard is also linked to the auto-correction /
>         spell-checker), so here is the problem:
>         when I want to write a new message and I see a Latin keyboard
>         I do not
>         know which language it is..
>         in order to find out which one it is I have to press on the
>         language
>         choice button and check whether it is the one I need.
>         It would be nice to have a current language indicator on the
>         keyboard.
>         It might be placed on the space button
>         or the language abbreviation might just replace the icon on
>         the keyboard
>         layout button (now it's a small circle with a couple of
>         lines).
>         - - Contact search / messaging
>         I've noticed something weird (I am not sure if it should be in
>         a bug report)
>         in the feature that shows me contacts when I want to write an
>         sms.
>         When I start typing a name of the contact that I want to send
>         an sms to
>         it works fine
>         (i.e. shows suggestions with similar names) only for contacts
>         with Latin
>         names.
>         If a name of a contact is written in a different language
>         (character
>         set, Cyrilic in my case)
>         the contact does not appear in the short list of suggestions
>         and I can
>         not just click on it
>         (like in case of a contact who's name is written in Latin
>         alphabet), so
>         the only way of choosing it is to scroll down through all
>         contacts.
>         So, here it is, those are the things that I would really like
>         to see
>         improved in following updates.
>         Anyway, thanks a lot for this beautiful piece of software :-)
>         - --
>         Nikita
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