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please consider this message as a positive thinking way to enhance Ubuntu.

I have been using Ubuntu for about a year now, exclusively Ubuntu, after
trying other distros. It was indeed a great option I made, switching
from the MS OS to this specific Linux distro.
Despite my ignorance about Linux and Ubuntu, I don-t regret it in any sense.

But there is an issue that occurred, until today, 5 times. Very annoying
and disappointing. I already had to uninstall and reinstall OpenOffice
for several times.

Why? Because of Ubuntu-s use of LibreOffice as first and unique choice.
Whenever a package tries to install LO or some LO packages, system gets
broken. Because of conflicts that occur with OpenOffice installation. As
you know, certainly better than me.

You can notice that the use of the *key with the **question mark**and
**single quote* produces *-**minus sign*. This is the latest problem.
And to fix it, I would need ubuntu-desktop reinstalled (it disappeared,
likely by my mistake). But that requires LO packages. I will, probably,
have to uninstall AOO again, install LO, solve the dependencies, purge
LO and reinstall AOO.
There are certainly better ways to do it, but not to my meager knowledge.

So, me being an OpenOffice big fan for many years and a recent Ubuntu
big fan, I humbly ask you, DEVELOPERS, to at least, give the user a
chance to choose the favorite office suite during Ubuntu's installation,
allowing Ubuntu to be configured, from that moment on, to not '/invade/'
neither OpenOffice nor LibreOffice, causing a systematic bunch of time
and patience wasting conflicts. Please!

Thank you. Happy easter!

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