[Ubuntu-phone] Feedback and Bug App

Robert Schroll rschroll at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 05:17:33 UTC 2014

Let me play devil's advocate here.  This isn't because I think it's a 
bad idea (I think we need more feedback, in general), but because I 
think this proposal needs a bit of tightening to give us a worthwhile 

Firstly, I don't see anything here that requires an app.  All of this 
could be done on a website.  Once you have a website, you can make a 
webapp for Ubuntu very easily.  If there's a reason this has to be an 
app, that should be clarified.

On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 4:30 PM, Alexander Langanke 
<alexlanganke at googlemail.com> wrote:
> This would be a Blog updated (for example) once or twice a month 
> announcing the most important changes that have landed so far in 
> order to draw attention to them and encourage feedback on these 
> topics. Of course this could also be used to just keep the community 
> informed in general. I would love to see the different teams updating 
> here regularly. For example I have read about an upcoming Blog for 
> Unity that is to be created in the near future, would love to get 
> updates on Unity Next, the Phone, Ubuntu TV etc. without checking 
> different sites.

I'm confused about what exactly would appear on this blog.  If it's 
only updated once every two weeks, it's not going to be go-to reading 
for anyone.  I'd wait for these posts to be syndicated on Planet 
Ubuntu.  If it's supposed to be aggregating a bunch of blogs, isn't 
that what Planet Ubuntu is already doing?

> 2. Missions
> This is a place where Core Developers and perhaps any other developer 
> (not sure on that yet) can post small things they specifically want 
> users to check out, test and give feedback on.
> Here we are looking for Feedback in terms of "quality" and not 
> "quantity".
> See Mockup Image.
> 3. Polls
> A place where we can gather feedback in a quantifiable sense. How 
> many people like the new iconsets? How many people think Unity Next 
> should have Windows on the Desktop etc. You get the picture..
> See Mockup Image.

The Ubuntu App Developers community on Google+ is already used for this 
purpose.  What does this offer that Google+ does not?

I'm also skeptical of the usefulness of polls with self-selected 
respondents.  They tend to tell you only what people who feel strongly 
about an issue think, which may not be the same as what most people 

> 4. General Feedback
> Here a User can select different official Ubuntu Flavors, Topics and 
> Packages/Projects to give feedback on or send in an Idea without the 
> need of a "Mission" or "Poll".

Why would this work any better than the now-defunct Ubuntu Brainstorm 

Where would this information go?  As a developer, I rather have bugs 
and feature requests on my issue tracker, rather than on some external 


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