Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Dec 1 17:22:42 UTC 2014

On Monday, December 01, 2014 14:17:57 Diego Germán Gonzalez wrote:
> El 01/12/14 a las 14:11, Alexander Hanff escibió:
> > Who died and made you god of what people can and cannot discuss on this
> > list.  Diego spotted an interesting new development which he brought to
> > the
> > attention of the list with the suggestion that it might potentially be
> > useful to Ubuntu in the future - that is completely relevant and
> > completely
> > acceptable content to post - you have zero right to come down on him and
> > accuse him of being off-topic just because you don't like the idea, so
> > please, get off your high horse.
> A distro is much more than a bit of code. Devuan uses systemD it as an
> excuse to create a more open, less bureaucratic and more friendly to the
> derivative distrio community.
> Anyway Debian recently modified its decision not to mandate systemd
> after  protests within the community

Nonsense.  It was never mandatory.

Scott K

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