Suggestions on controlling the automounter

Dale Amon amon at
Mon Jan 7 07:37:49 UTC 2013

I have thus far not found the /etc/ config file that controls
automounting. Tried greps and still no joy.

What I want to accomplish is to either blacklist certain UUID's
so that it does not interfere with my desires, or even better, if
it dealt properly with luks USB devices named in crypttab and fstab.

I also find that once it has popped up the window and let you
give it the pass word, you cannot then remove the device via
the graphic front end (I am using Oneiric on my primary work
machine) but have to do it at command line using umount and 
cryptsetup luksClose.

How do other people deal with this? I firmly believe computers
should say "Yes, SIR!" when I ask them to do things my way.
Can't let those critters get uppity and start telling you how
to do things now, can we? ;-)

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