Suggestions on controlling the automounter

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Jan 7 07:48:51 UTC 2013

Hello Dale,

Dale Amon [2013-01-06 23:37 -0800]:
> What I want to accomplish is to either blacklist certain UUID's
> so that it does not interfere with my desires

You can add UUID=, LABEL=, or plain device names to /etc/fstab and not
specify the "auto" option. udisks respects this, and then Unity/GNOME
will stop automounting that particular device.

> , or even better, if it dealt properly with luks USB devices named
> in crypttab and fstab.

That needs some more details.

> I also find that once it has popped up the window and let you
> give it the pass word, you cannot then remove the device via
> the graphic front end (I am using Oneiric on my primary work
> machine) but have to do it at command line using umount and 
> cryptsetup luksClose.

That again works fine here, so needs more details.


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